Lots of progress

It never rains but it pours.  Today, in my inbox I find:

  1. The first draft of the translation of Origen’s 10th Homily on Ezekiel.
  2. The sample chunk of the translation of the lost 60% of John Chrysostom’s Oratio 2 adversus Judaeos.
  3. Portion 15 of the translation of Sbath’s collection of Arabic theological and philosophical texts.

It is nice to see all these projects coming along, tho!  I’ve asked the Eusebius translator to look over the Chrysostom sample.  The other two translators are well known to me for the quality of their work.


2 thoughts on “Lots of progress

  1. Roger, keep up the good work. You have done, and is still doing what we always wanted to do, but couldn’t. So you deserve to be rewarded and thanked for that by all of us. Your work has been extremely helpful to me personally, and there are things that I could not get anywhere except from your websites. May God bless your efforts. Amen.

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