Notes on progress

Sorry about the lack of blogging: 

I try to take one day at a time, but lately several days have ganged up and ambushed me. — Anon

The sample of the translation of the lost portion of Chrysostom’s sermon 2 against the Jews has been reviewed.  It isn’t wildly satisfactory, and I need to consider whether another translator would do better.  The problem is with the more complex sentences, where he seems to get lost.

I’ve posted the two treatises by Yahya ibn `Adi in the NASCAS Arabic Christian group; and got feedback that the commas in the Arabic are the wrong way up!  I’ll put these on my website and announce them properly at the weekend.

The Eusebius Syriac fragments are being worked over, and the translator has asked if I would like a transcription. I would, of course; but at what price?


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