Pseudonymous emails

I received a delightful email today from someone calling themselves Pseudonymous.  I can’t ask his permission to post it, since he gave no valid email address.  But I would like to reply, and this seems to be the only way to do so.  The email began:

You commented that Lewis apparently was unaware of IVF: perhaps it was too Low Church for him to take seriously. I wonder whether he had any knowledge of J. I. Packer’s writings or the sermons of David Martyn Lloyd-Jones.

I wonder too.  But I don’t think that Lewis would worry about churchmanship. 

… as for the pseudonym, you seem to be several titles ahead of me in the game of “oh, that hasn’t been translated yet” and I’m rather cranky that you got there first 🙂

I’m not sure that I entirely understand.  I certainly wouldn’t want to discourage anyone wanting to translate stuff.  But there is no end of useful texts that have never been translated, and I would encourage anyone to take some on and get them translated!  The more the merrier!

This blog allows anonymous comments, and the email address supplied is not vetted.  So feel free to reply that way.


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