More on “Greek without Tears”

I’ve been in correspondence with Dr Flynn, the author of the package Greek without tears.  This is essentially a keyboard for polytonic Greek, at a pretty cheap price.  My translator used it to enter the Greek text for Eusebius, so I have had to take an interest in it.

The software has been upgraded to work with unicode, and his proprietary font, GrkAcca, now has a unicode version GrkAccaU.  Even better, the new version of Greek without tears contains a conversion utility.  This means that the new code can easily be turned into some standard unicode font.  This will make my Eusebius translation rather easier to print, when it arrives.

I’ve also been going through Angelo Mai’s edition of the fragments of Eusebius Quaestiones, and the notes are actually quite interesting.  I’ve asked the translator if he fancies doing these as well, as I think quotation might be a good idea.


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  1. I know this was a long time ago, but any chance you still have contact with him, or a copy of the Grkacca font? My A-level teacher has sent me a vocab list for the exams this summer, but the text is in greek acca, and I can’t read any of it!


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