How do you solve a problem like… Karo and Lietzmann?

I’m still too unwell to go back to work, which is a pain because I only get paid when I’m in the office.  I thought I was well enough to go in tomorrow, but a walk to a shop this frosty evening speedily taught me otherwise.  So … another day at home, in which I can probably read but not much else.  Maybe I should have ordered some novels and some cartoon books!

But I have discovered Karo and Lietzmann’s catalogue of Greek catenas.  Now how do I get it in a form in which I can actually use it?  I need something printed, in the hand.

At the moment I am trying to turn it into a book.  I downloaded the Lulu settings for Adobe and I printed the PDF to PDF, thereby changing the page size and preparing it for Lulu.  (It also made the PDF 10 times larger!)  If I can just print this Google Books PDF in book form, then that would do.  I can then slump on the sofa with a coke and a pencil and work through it.

If not, I need to power up the laser printer and just print selected bits of it.  It’s 189 pages, after all!

UPDATE: I have created a book-form of K&L, which is available here.  It’s £7.60, or about $10, if you want one.  I’ve ordered one for me, so it will be interesting to see what the print quality is like.


2 thoughts on “How do you solve a problem like… Karo and Lietzmann?

  1. Hi Roger, I was just wondering how the print quality turned out on this? I have some books from google books that I wanted to reprint myself.

    Many blessings!

  2. When I printed from PDF to PDF, it did something funny. When I got the output, it was OK but a bit grainy.

    So … I need to rethink this. The problem is how to get the Google books PDF to the right size for Lulu.

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