An Irenaeus at Lulu

A group of post-graduate theology students wrote to me as follow:

I wonder if you might put in a good word for our new publication, in a single volume, of the complete English text of Irenaeus’ Against Heresies.

The text is freshly re-typeset, but retains the complete translation from the Ante-Nicene Fathers series, modified only to remove some of the controversialist footnotes and elucidations inserted by the american Bishop Coxe.

The book is available at  (softcover) and  (hardcover).

We would appreciate a mention on your site, both for our own exposure to a greater market and to the greater utility of your readers. We created this book to provide for a need among students of the Fathers, and we hope that we will be successful.

Many books cannot sensibly be read online.  Naturally I wish them success in this venture.


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