Jerome’s Commentarioli in Psalmos exists in English

An email from Andrew Eastbourne reveals that the Commentarioli does indeed exist in English already:

It looks like this Tractatus / Homily is in a FotC volume (The Homilies of Saint Jerome: 1-59 On the Psalms, translated by M. L. Ewald — “preview” at least in the US at ; in case it’s not available elsewhere, I’m attaching a screen cap) — and from “Quasten” it appears that Morin was basically convincing in arguing for Jerome’s authorship…

The screen grab of the portion we were discussing is here:

Jerome on Ps 1


4 thoughts on “Jerome’s Commentarioli in Psalmos exists in English

  1. Roger,
    This volume of FoC series contains a translation of the “Tractatus sive Homeliae in Psalmos” ( see Morin vol. III pars II). The “Commentarioli in Psalmos” is a distinct work (see Morin vol. III pars I), and as far as I know is still not translated. The Tractatus appeared to contain more or less complete homilies on the psalms, whereas the Commentarioli is basically a series of notes on select verses of the psalms. Mark

  2. I admit that I am becoming confused, not least because Quasten isn’t as clear as he should be.

    The screen shot is from here which is page 8 of the book. But this is “homily 1” of on the Psalms. So … is the material repeated in the “Commentarioli”?

  3. In general the comments in the Commentarioli are quite short, while the Tractatus has more discursive homiletic discussions. There is some overlap between the two, but they are not always similar.

    Fontes Christiani have published a facing-page Latin-German edition of the Commentarioli: Hieronymus, Commentarioli in Psalmos = Anmerkungen zum Psalter, ed./trans. Siegfried Risse (Turnhout: Brepols, 2005).

    There is also a more recent translation of the Tractatus into Italian, which I think is a bit better than the Fathers of the Church version. Origene-Gerolamo, 74 Omelie sul Libro dei Salmi, trans. Giovanni Coppa (Milan: San Paolo, 1993).

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