Thinking about Jerome’s “Commentarioli in Psalmos”

A look at the PDF of the Morin edition of this work by Jerome reveals 100 pages.  The comments are all fairly short.

I’ve been looking to see what translations exist.  An edition exists in the Corpus Christianorum from Brepols (CCSL 72, 100 euros), but since the editor given is Morin I suspect this is really a reprint.  A German translation does exist here, from 2005, which advertises itself as the first into a modern language.

Is there an English version?  Would one be interesting?

I’ve worked out that a page might be about 180 words, and the whole work perhaps 18,000, across 100 short pages.  The Latin is easy enough.  Perhaps I should commission a translation.


2 thoughts on “Thinking about Jerome’s “Commentarioli in Psalmos”

  1. The Handbook of Patristic Exegesis doesn’t list any translations of this work. The bibs in that work are usually quite good, so I assume that means that no such translation exists. I would also be interested in a translation of his Isaiah commentary for the sake of comparison with Cyril’s Isaiah commentary. Thanks for working on these projects.

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