Eusebius update

Good news – the Greek text that the Sources Chretiennes sent me turns out to be exactly what they printed.  I had half the Ad Marinum checked, and there were no deviations. 

This means that all the Greek text has now been checked and is ready to go.

I’ve written to someone to type up the Coptic text in unicode.  That shouldn’t take too long.  I’ve put the translators of the Arabic and Coptic in contact, and they’re agreeing to disagree about the reading of some passage.  The Arabic is all done, translated and transcribed; the Coptic I think is probably the same.

I need to prepare the Latin text myself of the Ambrose fragments (unless someone else wants to, for money).  I need to assemble all the Greek in files in the right format.  And then…. we are basically done!  At that point it can be sent for typesetting.

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