Eusebius, De sollemnitate paschalis – translation done

Angelo Mai retrieved various things from the margins of Vatican manuscripts in the 1820’s.  Among these was an epitome of another lost work by Eusebius of Caesarea, De sollemnitate paschalis (On the celebration of Easter).  This has never received a complete translation into English, although it is fairly short.

I commissioned a translation of it a couple of months back, and the first draft arrived today.  It’s an excellent and professional piece of work, as always with that translator. 

My original intention was to place the thing online.  I’m being slightly tempted instead to bundle it with the Gospel Problems and Solutions translation, and to think in terms of a volume of Minor works of Eusebius, rather than just the original idea.

Probably that’s a bad idea.  It’s taken long enough to get as close to completion with the Problems as we now are, and further delay would be involved if the scope expands.

Still tempting tho.


3 thoughts on “Eusebius, De sollemnitate paschalis – translation done

  1. If it didn’t involve extra typesetting, you could put it in back, just as a lagniappe and to get it between covers somewhere.

    I know that in mass market publishing, they like to bind certain multiples of pages; and they would prefer some ink on the pages they’re going to bind in anyway. That’s why you get previews and all sorts of weird stuff in the back of some books, and bare bones with others. (IIRC.) So you might let the publisher know that, if this is a concern with them, you’ve got some filler.

    Shrug. Don’t really know much about this sort of thing.

  2. If the idea of a “minor works” volume is really calling to you, you can always collect more stuff and put out a second volume. But it’s better to have something done than hanging fire. Forward momentum!

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