Eusebius Update

The translation of Eusebius Gospel problems and solutions (Quaestiones ad Stephanum/Marinum) is nearly done.  The one big chunk to do is the transcription of the Syriac fragments.  Producing an electronic file containing the text is not quite as simple as it sounds, tho; and not merely because of the Syriac alphabet!  The words were originally printed without vowels, and I feel that these should be added.  It’s going to be fairly expensive and time-consuming, but a sample appeared today which looks very good, and I am promised it by the end of May.

I also need to finish off the transcription of the Latin text, which I am doing myself, but which is trivial.  There are minor tasks such as adding cross-references to be done.  I suppose I ought to add some kind of index. 

I expect the book to be done by the end of May, all the same.  Then the whole book needs to be typeset, and then marketed.

It will be worth the wait.  The material is excellent, the translation is good, the inclusion of the original language will  give readers the chance to check particular wording, and all in all I think it will be a good thing.  Eventually the translation will go online as well, but not until I have managed to recoup some of the cost by book sales!  So far it’s cost around $4,000, which is quite a lot!



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