Eusebius update

Very little remains to do of the Eusebius volume.  There’s some editorial work to do, probably only a few hours of it.  But … I don’t seem able to get to it.  The muscle injury in my hip that prevented me going to Syria is also preventing long periods of work at my laptop.  So … I need to get someone to help out.  I’ll offer $20 an  hour, and I’ve approached someone who would be ideal.

Some may like to know what’s left.  This is it:

1.  Do some work on the Latin text and translation.  They exist; but the page references to Mai and Migne and to the CSEL text and the Sources Chretiennes text need adding in some sensible form.  For part of it, the book number and chapter number of Jerome need adding.  Also Mai / Migne has cross-references to the Greek in the margin; the corresponding cross-reference needs adding to my version.  In truth I would usually expect the translator to do all this; unfortunately the Eusebius translator did not.  I’ve learned not to let that happen next time!

2.  Look over the format of all the material and make sure it’s consistent.

3.  Create a short index of whatever people will want to use.

4.  Create some kind of look-up table from Mai / Migne to my sections.

5.  Title page, table of contents, stuff like that.

6.  Write some sort of short intro “from the publisher”.

7.  Make some intelligent decisions about how to present some of the oriental stuff, and how to cross-reference it.  If need be bring in some material from references and translate it.

8.  Anything else!

The output will be a set of Word .doc files.  The text and translation for each section will be in separate files, so that the typesetting can run them into separate boxes (or whatever).

It will be good to get this done, and get to typesetting.  I’d do it myself, except that I can’t!  Ah well…

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