From my diary

The last couple of days have been very hot during the day — well over 30C in direct sun, and up to 29C in the shade.  I’ve had to bring my laptop downstairs, because it is simply too hot up.  I sat here last night until 2am, because it was so muggy last night.  The roads were half empty of traffic, and some of those driving seemed to have had their brains addled, or were quarrelsome with the heat.  The bright sun and clear sky is nice; but best seen from an air-conditioned office! 

I’m sat here now, downstairs, at 22:13 with the air conditioner going because it is too hot otherwise.  It’s been dark for over an hour, but it is still 20C out there.  Last night I only got around 5 hours sleep, so I’m hoping tonight will be cooler!  But it’s like a sauna upstairs.  Hum.

All the same these nights are a splendid opportunity to get things done.  After all, I don’t have to go to work at the moment, so it really doesn’t matter if I’m unfit to work on Monday.  This is how I was able to translate John bar Penkaye. 

I have a list of chores on a bit of paper that has been staring at me for a week, with forms to fill in and letters to send.  So I’ve been attacking them.  The sheer relief of getting rid of most of these is extraordinary!  Mind you two of the utilities websites I went to, to book an appointment etc, are … offline!  Yes, at the weekend, when everyone can do things, they’re down.

So … here I am again.  Nothing I can do with the chores.  So… what to do?  What can I usefully do tonight that requires no real energy, no intelligent thought, and can be done while zonked out of my brain from lack of sleep?  There must be something patristical that I can do.

Ah.  I’ve thought of it.  I was going to put online here a controversia from the elder Seneca, so people could see what they looked like.  In a bit. 


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