From my diary

I’ve been looking into another Syriac chronicle today, in between chores.  This is an East Syriac chronicle, by an unnamed writer, written about 660 AD, and known as the Chronicle of Khuzistan.  It covers the final years of the Sassanids and the first three decades of Islam.  Interestingly there is an English translation by Sebastian Brock, made twenty years ago, but never published.  The text was published in the CSCO 1 by Guidi, from a copy in the Vatican made in 1891.  The original is a fourteenth century manuscript, then at the abbey of Rabban Hormizd in Alqosh.  I wonder where it is now?

I’m rather pre-occupied with some earnings-related stuff at the moment, so there will be a few days silence here.   Please don’t worry if I don’t get to your emails either for a few days.  Sadly the task of earning a living has to take priority, and that means paperwork!


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