Eusebius book again

The Eusebius book is still coming along.

The ISBN agency have been sending me bumpf about customers ordering copies via themselves, as a free service, which is odd since I never asked them to.  I need to read all their tosh first and see what it all amounts to.   I also need to get a company website set up for “Chieftain Publishing”, which I will get done professionally, and have some ideas about.  And someone has to design the book cover.  I’m not sure what considerations apply for the latter.

I have a digest of changes — fairly short so far — to apply in proofing.  My thinking on proofing — I’m open to suggestions! — is that when we have the whole book setup, I will send the PDF to one of the online printing houses and produce a copy for each of the proofers, which we can go through in perfect bound form — a dummy, effectively.  I don’t know about most people, but I don’t work that effectively on-screen at this sort of thing.  I’m not quite sure that the fragments will look right with Greek with no footnotes and English the way it is, and some redistribution may be necessary. 

I also need to see how the book appears in the ISBN catalogue.  I hope they got it right!.  The British Library CIP record needs to  know the number of pages, so I can’t do that yet.  I just realised that sections 01-04 are 254 pages all by themselves <wince>.

The hardback is registered to be £50 (although I could change that), and I was thinking of a paperback at £30; and perhaps a “popular paperback containing maybe only the Abbreviated Selection in translation, perhaps with a more paraphrased translation to sell through Catholic bookshops or something with a rather more popular-style cover and contents.  But the important thing is the first two.

In the end, it will go online (minus whatever belongs to other people, such as the Greek text).  But let’s see how many printed copies we can sell first.  The idea of the project, of course, is that if we can recover most of the cost of commissioning the whole thing, then I can send the money around again and commission some more.  And the printed text serves a useful purpose, making the book available to the academic community as well as the general reader.


2 thoughts on “Eusebius book again

  1. Roger, it has been so long that I don’t know anymore exactly what this book is about.
    If I remember correctly, it is an English translation of all fragments that can be assigned with some certainty to Eusebius’ Gospel questions and solutions?

    Perhaps you could write a short statement what this book exactly is containing?

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