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If you want to go to Egypt, there is some rather good news.  EasyJet is to start flights to Luxor from Gatwick.  Jane Akshar’s blog tells us:

 EasyJet to start Gatwick flight to Luxor – “Services will depart Gatwick twice a week, on Monday and Wednesday, with passengers bound for the Valley of the Kings and Nile cruises.

At present, only charter carriers serve Luxor. Thomson, Thomas Cook and Monarch each fly once a week from Gatwick, while charters also operate from Manchester, Birmingham and Bristol.

EasyJet’s flights will raise capacity sharply.

Its pricing, leading in at £127.81 return including tax, is likely to take business from existing carriers on the route.

When I go to Luxor, I fly that route.  EasyJet may be budget, it may be cheap and cheerful.  But let me tell you, as one that has flown by the charter airline First Choice (now merged with Thomson) that NOTHING could be as uncomfortable as First Choice.  I am by no means the tallest of men (nor, I should add, a rival of Napoleon), but five hours in one of their over-cramped seats was unendurable a second time.

What I want is a carrier  that actually allows me to travel in comfort.  If EasyJet can manage this, they will wipe the floor with the charter airlines.

Jane Askar also raises the issue of renting a flat in Luxor.  This might be rather more comfortable — I don’t know — than staying in hotels such as the Jollie Ville (which is rather shabby in the rooms, despite its reputation).  One reason I did not return to Luxor last year was that the memory of the upset stomach of the previous year lingered.  Indeed it still lingers, so I probably won’t go this year either.  Believe me, it is no fun at all to be afraid to break wind except when sat on the loo! 

But how does one eat, if living in a flat?



7 thoughts on “Cheap flights to Luxor

  1. You can buy food the local shops, same place the Egyptians do. That is what I do.

    There are also a number of large supermarkets across the river in TV street

  2. I remember Television Street, if only for the Vodafone shop where you can get a local sim card for the mobile phone. Very western, thankfully! Thank you for these tips!

  3. At the end of the day any new flight to Luxor is welcome especially one offering such great lead in prices. As for any airlines allowing you to travel in comfort I think you can read a gripe for pretty much all of them on various forums.

    Cheaper restaurants in Luxor tend to be located off the beaten tourist tracks. But The Grand restaurant near the Sheraton Hotel and John and Johns in The Gaddis Hotel have always been good value.

    For me the new flights allow the opportunity for offering lower priced Nile Cruise holidays and providing competition to the bigger boys.

  4. The main problem with the flights is the cramped conditions. I don’t know how that can be addressed.

    Not sure I’d want to choose my restaurant in Luxor on price!

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