Eusebius book to be delayed

I had intended to try to get the Eusebius book out in September.  I have just realised that this must be impossible. 

I have quite a list of things which depend on others.  The Greek can’t be proof-read any sooner than 20 September, and it may be later.  I can’t proceed without the approval of the Sources Chretiennes, who are all evidently on holiday.  Coptic corrections will be needed; and then corrections at proof.  There needs to be a book cover, there needs to be a website, and all manner of other things. 

If I have to hunt for jobs in September, as I do, then that will interfere.  And if I start a job, for the first three weeks I won’t be able to do anything else.  Starting a job is very stressful, without having urgent corresp

So … we may as well all relax.  If it comes out in December, so be it. It will take as long as it takes. 


3 thoughts on “Eusebius book to be delayed

  1. That’s the beauty about re-discovering ancient books, a few months isn’t such a big deal. Everyone knows how hard you have worked on this. We can wait a little longer.

  2. A few more months is not a big delay – many know that a book project sometimes take years to finish.

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