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Too busy trying to find a job today to do anything useful. 

My QuickLatin utility is causing me some grief.  I have to copy protect it, because it’s used in education and no-one ever registers software in that world.  But the copy protection is behaving a bit weirdly.  Two users have reported that the code locks up every time they use it.  They sound likely to be true, particularly as some Microsoft patch may be responsible.

Trouble is, you can’t always believe what people say.  I’ve had people write that the software locked up in order to try and get extended demo periods.  Doubtless they think it’s fair game, but it causes worry and heartache.

Anyway I’ve produced a special version of the code with logging on, and I’ll send the log file to the manufacturer of the copy protection.  Let’s hope it can be resolved easily. 

Meanwhile the translation of al-Qifti on the destruction of the library of Alexandria is being revised.

But I can’t do any more today.  It’s started raining, and I feel exhausted all of a sudden.  This job hunting business is very tiring.


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