From my diary

I’m going through my filing cabinets, turning paper articles into PDF’s using my trusty Fujistu S300 scanner.  In the process I am finding some gems.

I’ve just found a photocopy of a complete book on the History of Durham Cathedral Library, which I have uploaded to  The book was published in 1925, and I can find no evidence that H. D. Hughes ever wrote anything else.  His date of death must be unknown, therefore, but the chances are good that it was before 1940, and that the book is therefore in the public domain.

Another item was Shlomo Pines interesting booklet on the Arabic versions of the Testimonium Flavianum of Josephus.  So interesting, indeed, that after scanning it, I have put the photocopy to one side to peruse later on the sofa with a coke and some crisps.

Onwards, tho.  The pile of discarded photocopies and hanging folders grows taller on the floor.  Five more sit at my elbow, awaiting processing!

It’s a nice, gentle thing to do on a rainy afternoon.


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