From my diary

I’ve been translating the discussion of Theodor Birt from 1882 on chapter divisions in ancient books.  This I have done, but I want to augment the footnotes somewhat, by  giving the text where he merely gives a reference to some ancient work.  Birt also revised his views in 1923, as the papyri became available.  I want to translate that material also.

One thing I did this evening was use  the Google Latin translator on some of the stuff I was retrieving.  This was the introduction in Latin to the 1832 text of Horapollo.  And it worked very well indeed!  It helps to have QuickLatin on hand to help with working out the part of speech, tense, etc, for individual words.  But the same is true for German, etc, where I use the Systrans Pro product for a second take on bits that Google mangles.

More on this tomorrow.  I go back to work on Monday, and I imagine my first week back after the holidays will be rather a shock!  So I’d like to finish up the chapter titles stuff by then.


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