Hippolytus, Commentary on Daniel, now published

Tom Schmidt writes to say that his translation of the Commentary on Daniel by Hippolytus is now published in book form, and also online:

Wanted to let you know, the commentary is complete and online (and on amazon and createspace.com).  I blogged about it here.  It’s a good feeling to have it done!

Tom has generously made it available to us all, which is very good news!


8 thoughts on “Hippolytus, Commentary on Daniel, now published

  1. Roger,

    Sorry to bother you about a 2010 post, but Schmidt’s website has disappeared, the book is out of print and unavailable, and my copy of the downloaded pdf is missing pages 180 to 225. Do you by any chance have a complete pdf? What I need most of all is a complete translation of Book IV (the ANF Hippolytus has problems).

    Your blog is a wonderful resource. Thank you for it.

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