7 thoughts on “Anyone got a PDF of W.G.Kummel, Introduction to the New Testament?

  1. The material I am after is as follows, p.120-121. Any chance of copies of the two pages?

    Werner Georg Kümmel, Introduction to the New Testament, revised edition, SCM Press Ltd. Translated by Howard Clark Kee from the German, Einleitung in das Neue Testament, 17th fully revised edition of the study initiated by Paul Feine and Johannes Behm, published by Quelle & Meyer, Heidelberg 1973.

    Translation © Abingdon Press 1975.

    Subsection 4 (“Author”), of § 7 (“The Gospel of Matthew”) of Part One (“The Formation of the New Testament Writings”) A (“The Narrative Books”) 1 (“The Synoptic Gospels and the Acts”) begins on page 120 and ends on page 121.

    First published 1975 by SCM Press Ltd, 26-30 Tottenham Court Road, London N1 4BZ, Sixth Impression 1984.

    The discussion paraphrased is on page 121.

    The footnote listing the “scattering of scholars” who accept the gospel as the work of one of the twelve is fn 72. The footnote listing scholars who reject that authorship is fn 73. Both notes are on page 121.

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