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A busy few minutes, dealing with the emails this morning!  I got a cold over the weekend which limited what I could do.

The first draft of the remainder of the Religious Dialogue at the court of the Sassanids has arrived and I have annotated it with suggestions.  We were translating this because it contains chunks of Philip of Side’s lost Christian History.  It also contains, I find, a version of the Testimonium Flavianum.  Apparently this is related to the version that appears in John Malalas (and isn’t it a nuisance that Malalas is not available online in English?)

I posted last week the first 14 letters of Isidore of Pelusium.  Over the weekend I asked David Miller, the translator of Eusebius, to review this.  His review came back very quickly, and I will pass it over to the translator, just as soon as I have converted the non-unicode Greek into something normal.  I always hated being “reviewed” myself; we’ll see how it goes.

Another chap wrote to me last week offering to do some work on commission.  I received his CV over the weekend which looks good, and I shall set him loose on some letters of Isidore as well.  He also does Syriac; I wonder whether there is something short and useful to do in that language.  I’d pretty much given up on finding Syriac translators.  There is always Bar Hebraeus’ Chronicon Ecclesiasticum, and heaven knows we need a translation of that.  But it would be a bit big to do in one go.  Maybe we might do a page or two.  But I’d prefer something small that can be done completely.


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