From my diary

I had to telephone my business bank today, so it was a good opportunity to ask about getting my “Chieftain Publishing” trading name set up as a “trading as” name on the account, so I can take cheques and payments under that name.  All I have to do, I learn, is write a letter telling them, and that’s done.  One more box ticked.

Also Lightning Source have finally, after a dozen emails, three forms, and month of to- and fro-ing, opened my account.  So once the book is ready, it can be printed.

I haven’t started in on the Coptic corrections, but I have scanned the pages into a PDF.  At this time of year you have to allow for the fact that everyone is full of flu and colds, and feeling depressed and mildly jet-lagged as the days get shorter in a rush as we approach the shortest day.  So not a lot really gets done. 

Someone has written and asked me to translate some more of Dionysius of Tell-Mahre.  Maybe I will.  Or I might just curl up on the sofa.


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