The Robert Schmidt translations of Roman astrological works

There is a list of these translations here.  It is not at all obvious from the site, but these are still available for purchase. 

On the “Price list” page at Project Hindsight, right at the bottom, is the following statement:

Preliminary Translation Series (re-prints)

Retail Price: $45.00 per volume plus shipping

All of the titles listed under Hellenistic Track Translations as well as ABU MASHAR: ON SOLAR REVOLUTIONS, Part II are available as re-prints for $45 each. Note that ANONYMOUS OF 379: ON THE FIXED STARS and ANTIOCHUS OF ATHENS: FRAGMENTS FROM HIS THESAURUS were published as half volumes (Volume IIa and IIb), so their price is $25 each.

These prices are high, but are not fixed.  I was told copies were available at $30.

But I don’t really want to buy lots of paper books any more.  What I want are PDF’s.

I have written to the Warburg library in London, suggesting they obtain a set.  It’s worth a try!


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