Eusebius update

The proof copy fixes to the Eusebius have all been done and entered.  Yippee!!!   I have finally, finally, got all the Coptic changes into the PDF, decided what they all should be, etc.  To do so, I’ve actually had to learn some Coptic, in order to work out what to do, which has delayed matters for a month.  I was rather left in the dark on the original language stuff.

But this morning I have sent off the PDF to Bob the typesetter.  Deep rejoicing here, indeed.

I also included a word document of notes about it, plus an extra Coptic fragment that the contributor strongly insisted on — I ended up typing in the Coptic text for that myself!  I also sent him a new version of the Alphabetum font.  In the old one, the two Coptic letters lambda and beta were too tall so that overscores intersected the letters.  The font author did a bug fix for me.

So it has been a very busy month.  But that’s it.  That’s the text done, or so I hope.

I can now start paying attention to the cover.  That can wait a few days, I think.

UPDATE: And once I’d done that, I went to collect my email.  And … there was an email from Les editions du Cerf, giving approval from their end of the translation.  I’ve been waiting nearly four months for that (the lady responsible was widowed during the period), but it has come at last!  We have some momentum going here, chaps!


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