June in the calendar of Antiochus of Athens

Μὴν Ἰούνιος. June
αʹ. ὁ λαμπρὸς τῶν Ὑάδων ἐπιτέλλει καὶ Ἀετὸς ἀνατέλλει · ἐπισημασία. 1.  The radiance of the Hyades rises and the Eagle arises : weather change.
ϛ̕. ὁ ἐπὶ τῆς κεφαλῆς<…> τῶν Διδύμων λαμπρὸς κρύπτεται · ἐπισημασία. 6.  The region next to the head <…> the radiance of Gemini is absent from the sky : weather change.
ιγʹ. Ὠρίων ἄρχεται ἐπιτέλλων · καὶ ποιεῖ κλόνους καὶ ταραχὰς βροντῶν. 13. Orion begins rising : and makes thunderous shakings and disorders.
καʹ. ὁ λαμπρὸς τοῦ Ὑδροχόου κρύπτεταὶ. 21.  The radiance of Aquarius is absent from the sky.
κδʹ. τροπὴ θερινή. 24.  The summer solstice.
κεʹ. Ὠρίωνος Ζώνη ἐπιτέλλει · ἐπισημασία. 25.  The belt of Orion rises : weather change.

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