September in the calendar of Antiochus of Athens

The Chronography of 354 tells us of a Roman state festival on 25 December.  I saw a reference to the Calendar of Antiochus of Athens, quoted to support the idea that this festival was earlier than 354 AD.  After all, Antiochus must pre-date Porphyry, who refers to him.  So I’ve been translating the calendar.  But clearly this is not a calendar of state festivals, but of astronomical events.  Here is the section on September.

Μὴν Σεπτέμβριος.


αʹ. Ἰχθὺς νότιος ἐπιτέλλει · ἐπισημασία. 1.  The southern Fish rises : weather change.
εʹ. ὁ λαμπρὸς τοῦ Ὄρνιθος ἑῷος δύνει. 5.  The radiance of the Bird sets in the east.
θʹ. Ἀρκτοῦρος ἐπιτέλλει · ἐπισημασία. 9.  Arcturus rises : weather change.
ιαʹ. Αἲξ ἀνατέλλει. 11.  The Goat arises.
ιϛʹ. ὁ λαμπρὸς τῆς νοτίας χηλῆς τοῦ Σκορπίου κρύπτεται. 16.  The radiance of the southern claw of Scorpio is absent from the sky.
ιθʹ. ὁ ἐν τῷ ἑπομένῳ ὤμῳ τοῦ Ἡνιόχου ἑσπέριος ἀνατέλλει. 19.  The region of the following shoulder of Auriga [1] arises in the west.
κβʹ. Ἰχθύες δύνουσιν · ἐπισημασία. 22.  The Fishes have set : weather change.
κεʹ. ἰσημερία μετοπωρινή. 25.  Autumnal equinox.
κηʹ. Ἀρκτοῦρος ἑῷος ἀνατέλλει. 28.  Arcturus arises in the east.

1. Auriga is the constellation of the “Charioteer”.

I’m using my QuickGreek tool to translate this stuff.  It does not recognise everything.  But I find that entering a phase into Google often takes me to a parallel Septuagint-English such as this, which elucidates some obscure words. 


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