From my diary

Festugiere’s translation of Porphyry Ad Gaurum has arrived at my local library.  I have discovered that it is open until 7pm tomorrow, so I may be able to get it then.

I’ve also got two modern translations of Juvenal.  The one by Peter Green is pretty slangy, and I disliked it a lot.  The one by Neil Rudd seems sound enough.  But both put their notes at the end, which means reading with fingers stuck in the book! 

Perhaps we should have a Campaign for Real Footnotes!

I’ve also enquired whether it would be possible to increase the margin on the Eusebius book so that the trim size is  6.14×9.21″.  Probably it is not, but if it was, we could use the thinner white paper.  In a book of 430 pages, thickness of the paper is a real issue.  But who knows?  Maybe the creme paper looks better anyway.


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