From my diary

The resized PDF of Eusebius has arrived.  I have asked Lightning Source for samples of their paper — no answer today.  I’m hoping to find out a bit about the product before just throwing it over the wall and hoping for the best!  They do blue cloth and grey cloth hard backs — but what shade of blue, or grey?

I’ve been trying to work on a translation of Porphyry Ad Gaurum.  For some reason my copy of Word XP will not open the file.  It opens, I start to edit, and Word crashes.  A web search reveals stuff about “DEP”.  But I’ve never had problems before.  The file opens fine on my work  machine.

At the moment I am installing OpenOffice.  With luck this will at least allow me to do some work on the Ad Gaurum.

Rather a lot of pressure at work at the moment, which is interfering with Real Life.  I’m trying to defend the Wikipedia Mithras article against a troll, with limited success, and losing a ridiculous amount of time, trying to reason with people interested only in getting their own way.   Never make any serious investment in writing a Wikipedia article.  If you do, you will regret it. 



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