From my diary

I’ve ordered vols. 2 and 3 of the Loeb edition of Aulus Gellius Attic Nights.   I intended to order them from, but I found that they marked them as unavailable.  Could there be a new edition in the offing, I wonder?  So I ordered them from Book Depository instead.

No news on the Eusebius book except that I am waiting for some paper and cover samples to appear from Lightning Source.  For the hardback, I think I will have a plain cloth cover with lettering on the spine.  I also need to get a publisher’s website up and running — I need to find someone who can do a professional job without charging the earth.

An email arrived in my inbox discussing the technical terminology of Porphyry Ad Gaurum.  This I shall reply to once I get some time.  I’ve already discovered that Porphyry — the commentator on Aristotle — uses the distinction of Aristotle between something being a human being in acte, actually, completely, now, and something being a human being  in potentia, potentially, possibly, having the power to become such.  Since I had never heard of this, before reading the work, I need to do some more on this.


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