From my diary

At home, watching some double-glazing being fitted to my house.  I thought I’d scan some old papers into PDF’s with my portable Fujitsu Scansnap S300.  In the process I managed to break off some small but crucial bit.  Oh well.  It has served me well.  So I ordered another — turns out to be an S1300, at nearly double the price.  The original S300 was a good buy, it seems.  In the meantime those papers can sit there.

I’ve had several emails.  One chap wrote asking if I would translate for him a 10 page Syriac letter from the French translation to English.  I suggested he create an electronic version and try Google translate.  I then found a PDF of it and scanned it myself and emailed him a .doc.  No reply to any of the last three emails, including that. 

Back to watching workmen engaged in working slowly…


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