Eusebius update

Four images of possible dust-jacket covers for the Eusebius Gospel Problems and Solutions book have today arrived by email from the graphic designer.  They all look good — far better than anything I would have managed.  A quick query with some work colleagues, and we have a clear leader from the four, and some suggestions for revision.  I’m very pleased.

The designer has also referred me to, for reasonably priced photos, just as good as those ten times the price.

I’ve also heard from Lightning Source about how to upload the book to them.

So … it’s all going rather well.


2 thoughts on “Eusebius update

  1. Hello Roger,

    You may also wish to look over the Creative Commons Content Search to find some freebie images to explore.

    You’ll have to watch the licenses to see which items require attribution or that you “share-alike” by releasing the final cover image for re-mixing.

    Flickr & Wikimedia tend to yield some interesting images; for example this public domain(totally unencumbered) aerial shot of Caesarea’s coastline:

    Good luck!

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