From my diary

Some more designs have reached me for the dust-jacket cover of the translation of Eusebius’ Gospel Problems and Solutions, that I commissioned and shall be publishing.  I hope to have the book out this month. 

The new designs refine the direction of the last set, and confirm which cover image we will be using.  When Nick the graphic designer tells me the URL, I shall purchase that. 

I’m also translating another letter of James of Edessa, which I will place online when it is done. 


2 thoughts on “From my diary

  1. This all sounds positive and exciting,glad that all the hard work is going to bear fruit….how will one go about purchasing the book once it’s been published?, and will you be doing signed editions?

  2. The book will be available on Amazon — indeed already is — and I shall have a website to take orders myself.

    I’m certainly willing to do signed editions! But I doubt there is any demand.

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