Eusebius update

The cover photo is chosen and purchased from, for the trivial sum of $50 for the largest size image — a tenth of what other libraries wanted.  I sent that to the designer last night. 

We’re getting very close to the final cover design.  I wrote a blurb this morning and sent that over.  His logo designs were not as good as the one I commissioned some time back so we’ll use that.

I also started the process of submitting the book to Lightning Source.  All went well until I had to input price and wholesaler margin.  There’s no indication of what I ought to do here.  Apparently 55% margin for the retailer is normal — that’s not very good!  So I need to find out some more about this — because if I set it to 0%, I don’t know what would happen, but probably nothing good.  I need to know what the constraints are on this.

I’ve also started thinking about a website.  Another book selling site told me what they had paid for their site, which was rather poorly designed — $700!  But it looks as if a WordPress blog with an eCommerce theme might do me very nicely.  I need to set up another instance of WordPress here and experiment!


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