Some notes on David Elkington

The Jordan Lead Codices continue to attract my interest.  This evening I went looking for an email address for the gentleman, with a view to asking him some questions.  It is, after all, entirely possible that he is the victim of a fraud, rather than its perpetrator.  The latter, indeed, seems unlikely to me.

I didn’t find an email address, but I did find a biography at the literary agent, Curtis Brown, here.

David Elkington is the author of In the Name of the Gods, the highly acclaimed academic thesis on the resonance and acoustical origins of religion. David is primarily an Egyptologist, specializing in Egypt-Palestinian links that have inevitably drawn him into the field of Biblical studies.

Between 1987 and 1990 he trained under Julia Samson, curator of the Petrie Museum, University of London, specializing in the Amarnan period of Egypt (c. 1500 BC), and also under Prof. Christine el Mahdy at the British School of Egyptology. He has co-hosted academic tours of the major ancient sites of Egypt and has been a member of the Egypt Exploration Society, the Palestine Exploration Fund and well as a fundraising Vice-Chairman of the Oxford China Scholarship Fund Working Group. He has lectured at universities all over the world and written many papers on ancient history and linguistics.



7 thoughts on “Some notes on David Elkington

  1. Roger, might be worth looking at the latest comments on the Telegraph story…..

  2. Thank you!

    The DT comment is here:

    Scroll down to the comments section then click page 2 and then scroll down to the comment made by ‘Eyewitness’ – you’ll see that this poster has included excerpts from three letters.

    The comment is actually material from the Unsettled Christianity blog here, itself based on comments sent in by persons who are in effect anonymous.

    Unfortunately the comments are all in bad English, of teenager standard, all potentially libellous to my eyes, and frankly carry little credibility, at least in my mind.

    It is clear that David Elkington has made enemies, who are very eager to discredit him personally. Whether the accusations are true or not is not for me to say.

    But all this is nothing to the purpose; all that matters is whether the items are genuine. If they are genuine, it would not matter whether DE was a wretched depraved person of the worst sort, which is hardly alleged against him. And if they are not genuine, it would not matter if he held a row of degrees and distinctions and was considered a saint by the Roman Catholic Church. The items are what matters.

  3. I understand your perspective, but there are things you do not know, as I said the comments on the Telegraph comments page are merely the tip of a very large iceberg. I can’t reveal any more openly, a) because of the threat of legal suit, as you indeed mention and b) because the persons involved are too scared to speak out. There is some work to be done on this yet, but in the meantime, I can assure, the items ARE NOT all that matters, in fact, they are just an aside to what really matters in this saga – the people involved.

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