From my diary

Starting a new job today, so not very much free time.  The new job demands 8 hours a day, rather than the usual 7.5 — there is a nasty trend in modern work to increase hours worked, and to try to get even more than that, and get hours unpaid.  Oh well. 

Meanwhile a correspondent, who needs a copy of the Eusebius book for academic purposes, has agreed to buy the first proof from me.  This proof has an unsatusfactory dustjacket, which is being worked as we speak, but is otherwise as production so is fine for his purposes.  The sale will help pay for the second proof.  Unfortunately I can’t find any time to answer emails to do with this.  Maybe tomorrow.

I’ve spent a little leisure time — I have only a little time — working on the Wikipedia article on these lead codices from Jordan.  Not that I am doing any of the research which is exposing the scam; just linking to those like Tom Verenna who are emailing the key figures in the story. 


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