The lighthouse at Leptis Magna

The harbour at Leptis Magna is a bay between two headlands, as this map from the web shows (click on the images for full-size). 

Map of Leptis Magna

It is silted up now, and a sandy beach runs between the two:

Lighthouse at Leptis Magna

On the far headland stands the lighthouse, or what now remains of it.  It is falling into the sea, and another century will see it gone.  The Italians would, of course, have done something about this, but the Libyans never have.

I climbed up the headland, and took this closer photograph, looking north-east, where it seems relatively complete:

The Lighthouse at Leptis Magna, looking North-East

I then walked round to the left and took another, which makes the sea’s closeness clearer. 

The lighthouse of Leptis Magna from the rear

The sea has demolished the left hand wall, as can be seen if you climb up close.  The interior is now a shell, with the sea tossing at the bottom.

I don’t think many people will be going to Libya this year, but we should remember how much there is there which is well worth our seeing.


8 thoughts on “The lighthouse at Leptis Magna

  1. Thanks for this…. pic 3 has made it to my desk screen saver.Just beautiful.

  2. I feel very honoured.

    Leptis on a sunny day is beautiful. There are few tours; and those don’t even make it as far as the entrance to the silted up bay. I made an excuse and peeled off by myself. I was the only person walking along the eastern wharves, and the only other person I could see was the local with the rod, perched out on the lighthouse footings.

  3. Well it was all worth it ,
    thats what it takes to capture a unique image…
    forging out on your own to some degree,
    and you get rewarded with something meaningful,
    and something to share.Thanks Roger!

  4. Roger

    I was there in the early 1990s. It is indeed a magnificent classical site. I do wish the West would do something to protect it from the barbarous islamists.

    Best wishes


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