From my diary

I have a bunch of notes online about Syriac writers.  I entered these by setting up a wiki on my own site, and doing it there.  The url is, and, since I had to give it a title, I rather grandly titled it the Encyclopedia of Syriac Literature

I didn’t actually want other people editing it — although perhaps that was a mistake — so I locked it down, and made sure that only people with accounts could edit, and that only I could allocate accounts.  In truth it was — and is — just rough notes from standard sources.  And I never had the chance to do a lot.

Still, it contains quite a bit that is not found elsewhere online.  My hosting company ( changed their PHP installation lately, and, when I went to look for my notes on Aphrahat, I found that it didn’t work.  A couple of days and I now have it working again, in case anyone uses it. 

It’s a project that I ought to return to, in truth.  Perhaps one day!


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