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Now that the Eusebius book exists, it is possible to order copies.   The Amazon site doesn’t show it as available, but I can certainly order them myself.  The hardback is pricey tho — $75.  But if you want one, send a message to me and we can talk.  I have various people I need to email, but I thought I would wait until Amazon is working.  (I also need to add  blurb to Amazon).

One problem that I face is complimentary copies.  There will be as few of these as I can manage, because at this stage of the project, of course, I want to sell copies, not give them away, in order to recover the costs of getting the thing translated.  Once sales dry up, I intend to put the translation online, but that will be some way off.

The first set of copies that I owe are to the translator of the Greek, David Miller.  These I have requested today.

The next set are owed to Bob Buller, who kindly typeset the book as a one-off to get me under way.  He’s in the US; and this reveals a problem at Lightning Source — I can’t order them for manufacture in the US.  I’ve emailed and asked, since I certainly filled in all the forms for this.  I’ll hold off for a day or so on US copies owed, and see if I can get this resolved, for they will arrive much sooner that way.

I owe a set to the French Sources Chretiennes people, as payment for permission to use Claudio Zamagni’s Greek text.  I have just emailed them to check address details.

The paperback needs to get underway as well.  Fortunately I  uploaded all the files some time back (I find), and all I need to do is get a proof — requested today — and then approve it.  With luck this will be available in a week or so.

I’m still finding the Lightning Source site very “fighty”.  It does daft things like pop-up a box to tell you to click something on the next page (!)  I think they were badly swindled by their web designer, in truth.  I got no reply to my enquiry as to what happens next after proofs.  Fortunately I have some books which might tell me!

UPDATE: Amazon, bless them, have expired my Amazon Sellers account now I want to use it to upload content.  How silly of them — wastes their time and mine. 


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  1. I think you should also add some text on the Amazon page, to explain what this book is exactly about.

  2. I agree entirely. (That’s why I was trying to login to my Amazon Seller’s account!) No reply from Amazon yet to my request to be allowed in.

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