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Lightning Source got back to me and said that the hardback version of Eusebius, Gospel Problems and Solutions, should be available through Amazon in up to 15 days.  This prompted me to look at the Amazon page, which revealed that two sellers were offering the book for sale!  Most interesting!

One was Amazon itself; but the other was some bunch called “Winston bookstore UK”, offering the 50 GBP (=$75) book at 76.76 GBP.  Apparently they have it in stock.  No idea who these people are.  But what they must be doing, I think, is importing from the US.

This made me look at the US Amazon, which has my book here as “In stock” (which it is) at $80.  So … you can buy the thing in the US.  This is very pleasing, since it’s how I intended it to work. 

I haven’t been able to add any information to the Amazon listing, which is frustrating.  My enquiries have been ignored.  Not sure what to do next about that.


2 thoughts on “From my diary

  1. Thank you for the the availability update in the US. I will add this to my Amazon Wish List. I suppose that an autographed copy would require flying the Atlantic for a personal encounter while spending time enjoying the sites.

    Sounds like a worthwhile plan. But, alas, it would not occur any time soon.

  2. It’s certainly available now from Amazon US.

    If you wanted an autographed copy, it could be done, and I’m willing. But naturally the book would have to pass through my hands. Perhaps the way to do this would be to contact me directly with a view to ordering one from me, rather than from Amazon, paying me using Paypal. I would then order it from the printer and arrange for the copy to be delivered here to me, sign it when it arrived, and then post it on to the address you specify. There would be two lots of postage involved, of course. Doesn’t seem impossible!

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