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I’m in Cambridge University Library.  I’m looking for articles in Early Christianity,  a new journal.  There is a translation of Galen’s Peri Alupias in it.  But it seems that CUL does not subscribe.  To access it means $33 (plus tax).  There’s no sign of a paper subscription. 

Why, I wonder, do we pay taxes for scholarship when we cannot access the results?

UPDATE: On the other hand I have discovered that the CRAI articles — a journal CUL don’t subscribe to — are all online at, as late as 2006.  Bless them!  The Galen stuff is here.


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  1. I have no idea! I don’t know if the index volume (is it vol. 20?) to Kuhn says anything about this, but I seem to recall that Kuhn is online. Have a trawl through my Galen posts for links to Kuhn’s edition.

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