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A kind correspondent has sent me the translation of Galen’s Peri Alupias from Early Christianity.  It seems that the latter journal is not very widely subscribed to, which is curious since it seems to be of a high standard. 

Mind you, they need to think about that charge of $33 for downloading a copy of an article.  At $3 a copy, I would have just downloaded it.  But at $33, I ended up pestering my friends to see if any of them had a subscription.  It’s morally wrong to charge ten or twenty times the cost of a photocopy for something that costs them nothing.

Looking forward to reading the articles.  But first … a pile of paperwork that has to be done.  Groan.  What I need is a secretary. 

In fact I could use assistance — even paid assistance — with the running around and proof reading etc for the books that I am publishing.  I’ve thought that for some time.  Not sure where such a person might be found.  But there just don’t seem to be enough hours for me to do it.


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  1. Only in its 2nd year “Early Christianity” is hardly known. My library asked my opinion, but I was perplexed by its purpose/scope – e.g. the following excerpt from its launch (on Mohr’s homepage?):
    “…The journal, then, is taken to cover not only the first Christian century but also the second. This journal will not, however, give any special prominence to reception-history or to the second century…”
    I presume (from Mohr!) the standards are high, but what ‘gap’ are they aiming to fill? “When” is “Early” Christianity??

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