I hate Lightning Source

Yup.  They’ve done it to me again.

I uploaded the stuff for the Eusebius paperback three weeks ago.  Yesterday I got impatient and asked where the proof was — no reply.  Today I got onto their chat system, and they tell me my order wasn’t processed because the book files were not uploaded!  Oh yes they were!

SO unprofessional…

Better still, the chat “representative” is now giving me the run-around — “contact my client representative” (who didn’t reply yesterday).


2 thoughts on “I hate Lightning Source

  1. Roger,

    Y’know, you could just publish the thing as a Kindle ebook. As long as there are no complicated languages or symbols that are not represented by standard fonts (such as Times New Roman).

    Yours in Christ,

    James Snapp, Jr.

  2. Thanks for the thought! But since it contains material in polytonic Greek, Syriac, Coptic and Arabic, that wouldn’t work technically.

    I do whinge a bit about this. But I post on it, because anyone contemplating doing business with LSI needs to know the human cost of so doing. I wouldn’t deal with them again.

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