Oxford Patristics Conference – Thursday (Contd)

I’ve just attended a truly fascinating paper “Marginalizing Paul of Samosata: scholia and Origenism in the exemplar of codex von der Goltz“, given by Eric Scherbenske.

The codex is a biblical ms., Aland number 1739, Ms. 184 B64 of the Lavra monastery on Mt. Athos.  This contains extensive scholia, which clearly come from the scriptorium of Caesarea in the 4-5th century, and the text itself was compared with the text in the works of Origen, as a marginal note states.

Dr Scherbenske gave out a handout containing 6 scholia from these, all of them of the greatest interest.  One, indeed, referred to books 6 and 7 of Eusebius’ lost work against Porphyry, indicating that he used a particular variant in his argument.  I must ask Dr. S. what this was.  Verbally he also mentioned that another scholion refers to material written by Eusebius in his own hand!

I’ve sneaked out.  It seems there is no Wifi in the examination schools, which is rather daft.  But I shall find something to do while I am sat there at the book display!  Now to go off to the Bodleian and renew that Bod. card!


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