Oxford Patristics Conference – Thursday (Contd)

Now looking at the programme.  There are a number of sessions today that I would like to attend.  None of the plenary lectures or workshops today appeal.  Not that this worries me — one conference member whom I met yesterday wisely said that most papers appeal to a narrow group of people within the patristics firmament.  It’s inevitable.

Among the short communications the following caught my eye:

9:00 Rm6 – Marginalizing Paul of Samosata: scholia and Origenism in the exemplar of codex von der Goltz
12:00 Rm6 – Origenism in 5th century upper Egypt: Shenoute of Atripe and the Nag Hammadi codices.
12:00 Rm1 – Phrygian roots of the Montanist movement
12:20 Rm1 – Exiled to Pepouza: consorting unwillingly with heretical Montanists, by William Tabbernee.

2:20 Rm12 – Chrysostom in Syriac dress
2:40 Rm12 – The Homilies on King Uzziah by John Chrysostom in Syriac translation.
3:00 Rm12 – Preaching as the audience heard it: unedited transcripts of patristic homilies

3:20 Rm15 – Some manuscript witnesses of Pelagius Ad Demetriadem and what they reveal about the manuscript tradition of the text.

The blue handbook of events is curiously organised, but this seems to be the stuff for Thursday.  I have only clash there, at 12, but will probably go to the Origenism paper.

There’s a gap between the end of the first paper (9-9:20) and the 12 noon papers.  I shall go up to the Bodleian and try to renew my Bod. card.

10:20-11:20 I will be in the marquee at the Chieftain Publishing stand, hoping to sell copies of the Eusebius book (only £24 at the conference).  I wonder if they have wi-fi?  If so, I could sit there and update this blog as I wait!  Must ask.

Breakfast here in Queen’s is 7:45-8:45 sharp.  I suppose it means that no-one gets sleep, so they may as well get up and eat whatever is offered.  My tum is still sore, so I shall pass. 


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