A new device for photographing manuscripts?

A correspondent writes with an interesting query about a novel book cradle for copying manuscripts.

Most used are the copy stands, and I found an Austrian system called “Traveller’s copy stand”.

But last year I saw in Athos someone using a portable device with 2 glass windows and a system allowing the camera to change position for taking pictures of both pages of an opened manuscript.

Do you happen to know the name of this device? I would like to get more info on it, but I don’t know what to look for.

Copying manuscripts is the very devil to do.  You can’t open the thing flat, so it ends up in a book rest open at 45 degrees.  You want the camera facing each page at 90 degrees.  So you have to take one side of the book, turning the pages; and then flip the book around and do the other side.  It’s a faff.

I think the “Austrian travellers’ copy stand” is mentioned here.  A description at a vendor site is here.  I wonder what it costs?

But does anyone recognise the description above?  If so, info very welcome!

UPDATE: From the comments, it seems to be the Ion Book Saver.  I want one!

UPDATE: There’s a very poor demo of it on YouTube here, but it gives an idea.  It also states that UK price will be 129 GBP.  A comment on the video says release was postponed to December 2011.


7 thoughts on “A new device for photographing manuscripts?

  1. I think StGall (CESG) were recently describing a “portable” MSS scanner/camera(?)as one of their latest acquisitions… so they can add the contents of other libraries. Hardly cheap!!

  2. I’d want one too but I can’t see how you can do 200 pages in 15 minutes if you have to lift that contraption off the book every time to turn a page…the demo makes it look…awkward.

  3. I thought the same. So evidently the claim is eyewash, or else the system doesn’t work quite as we suppose.

    I’ve written to the firm and asked how I can get one. I think it isn’t available yet, tho.

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