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A major, major answer to prayer came through today.  It was something that affects my ability to get work, so it could make quite a difference to the Pearse household finances over the next few months.   The diet coke will flow tonight!

When my mobile rang with the news, I was walking on a path through a churchyard in Norwich city centre, and I found it hard to refrain from a jig of joy.  (Passers-by, however, no doubt edged noticeably away from this capering, heavily muffled, manically grinning figure.)

I’d written this prayer off, you know.  I’d written “rejected” against it.  Literally written, in fact.

You see, I have a notepad by my bed, in case I think of something that I want to remember, and the prayer was on that.  I’d realised that I needed to pray for it one evening when in bed, and scribbled it in there.   Because there’s nothing worse than trying to fall asleep while trying to make sure you remember something, and many of my best ideas come to me in bed, or in the middle of the night, and I think of things  that I need to pray about.

After all, God does not answer all our prayers.  I didn’t hold it against Him, of course.  In many cases the things that we ask for would be bad for us.

But on this one, little did I know that matters were in hand.  Tonight I shall cross out “rejected” and write “fulfilled”.

I think that it is a good habit to write down what we have prayed for, and to tick them off as they are answered. God answers many more of our prayers than we realise, yet how many of us fire off a prayer and never think of Him again in that respect?  It builds confidence, once we realise that God is listening, and doing, much more for us than we might otherwise notice.

When the news came through, I promised two people on the other end a bottle of something as a solid form of thanks.  This led me to think that I need to thank God also.  Which means a donation to some useful charity.  There’s always the Salvation Army, or the London City Mission.

But I wish that I knew of a charity that helps people like me, rather than the poverty-stricken working class types.  The latter have many charities to help  them.  But I fear that a goodly number of university educated people need help and find it not.


8 thoughts on “From my diary

  1. Good news! I don’t pray so much as I express my faith in his purposes and the tasks He chooses for me. Usually it’s pretty obvious, although sometimes He can be cheeky! For which I often end up laughing at myself and thanking Him.

    Bought your book, going to give to my brother-in-law for X-mas and buy another after Holidays.

    Cheers (Holiday Cheers even!)

  2. Dear Roger,
    There are always things that we ask of the Almighty that are perhaps ill timed or in “His”scheme of things, not exactly right for us.
    It’s reassuring to have the experience that God is listening, and concerned with what’s going on for us in a personal way.
    I like your written request note book ‘thingy’, and your idea of crossing things off.
    As far as thankfulness and the idea of ‘giving back’ and ‘useful charity’,
    perhaps there is some way of contributing to some worthy but ‘resource challenged’ student who would otherwise find it difficult to study at university.
    Just a thought.
    [Slight edit: RP]

  3. There is a “Something Something for Distressed Gentlewomen” – try the Directory of Grant-making Bodies, or whatever it’s called.


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