Romanian patristics sites

A correspondent has drawn my attention to a couple of sites with Romanian translations of the Fathers on them:

As for [patristic literature in] Rumanian (i.e. translations from Fathers) I might estimate that there are some 50-60 volumes of PG authors and 5-10 PL authors translated, from 1700 up to our own days.

There are also internet sites with works of the three Holy Hierarchs:

However, I don’t know a page linking all these sites.

You may be asking why we care.  Well, I tried the last site.  I don’t know any Romanian, so I used Google translate.  I found that it really worked quite well.  In particular I found this translation of Chrysostom against Jews and Gentiles that Christ is God here.  At points I had to rub my eyes and check that it was not in English to start with.

So I think there are treasures to be found there.


4 thoughts on “Romanian patristics sites

  1. That site has a link to a download of Chrysostom’s complete works translated into French…hmm…yes, some interesting stuff there.

  2. Roger, you know I’m a beginner with this stuff but everywhere I turn and every answer I seek on the internet seems to lead to you. You must be the ghost of patristics past!
    If the French is not too antiquated I may be able to make some use of it. I’ve been trying to track down a passage (on sadness of all things!) I’ve seen in Greek and attributed to Chrysostom…

  3. You’re very kind, but there are vast areas that I have never looked at.

    The French isn’t too bad at all. Google translate has a very good go at it!

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