Romanian patristics sites

A correspondent has drawn my attention to a couple of sites with Romanian translations of the Fathers on them:

As for [patristic literature in] Rumanian (i.e. translations from Fathers) I might estimate that there are some 50-60 volumes of PG authors and 5-10 PL authors translated, from 1700 up to our own days.

There are also internet sites with works of the three Holy Hierarchs:

However, I don’t know a page linking all these sites.

You may be asking why we care.  Well, I tried the last site.  I don’t know any Romanian, so I used Google translate.  I found that it really worked quite well.  In particular I found this translation of Chrysostom against Jews and Gentiles that Christ is God here.  At points I had to rub my eyes and check that it was not in English to start with.

So I think there are treasures to be found there.


More people translating the Fathers

Maureen has left a note to tell me of another site where bits of the fathers are being translated.  It’s here.  The author is John Litteral, who appears to be translating extracts from ancient biblical commentaries.  If so, this is very welcome!  I’ve not managed to find my way around the site yet to be sure.

There is also a collection of links to the fathers.  Among the links is one to a site by Gary Anderson and a translation of portions of Ambrose’s De paradiso, here.  As far as I knew this was untranslated.